Tay Group

Systems Biology and Bioengineering

We want to understand how biological processes work from an engineers perspective. To enable this quest we develop high-throughput quantitative measurement technologies based on microfluidics and optics. Our research lies at the interface of Biology, Engineering and Physics.

Recent News

Ryan's paper "Noise facilitates transcriptional control under dynamic inputs" was accepted to Cell. (December 2014)

Hsiung-Lin was awarded the EMBO Long-Term Fellowship! (December 2014)

Matthias and Tino's paper "Real-time tracking, retrieval and gene expression analysis of migrating human T cells" was accepted to Lap on a Chip. (December 2014)

Alicia participated in a movie about studying Biotechnology at the D-BSSE. (November 2014)

Ryan's paper "High-throughput microfluidic single-cell analysis pipeline for studies of signaling dynamics" was published in Nature Protocols. (June 2014)

Serap was awarded the ETH Zurich Postdoc Fellowship!

Our new review article "Microfluidic single-cell analysis for systems immunology" is one of the most downloaded papers in Lab on a Chip! (February 2014)

A new review paper titled "Microfluidic single-cell analysis for systems immunology" was published in Lab on a Chip. (February 2014)

ETH Life covered Savas Tay's ERC Starting Grant award. (August 2013)

Turkish Radio and Television News covered Savas Tay's ERC Starting Grant award. (July 2013)

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Savas Tay was awarded the prestigious ERC Starting Grant with the proposal titled "SingleCellDynamics: Optofluidic toolkit for systems immunology." (June 2013)

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Tino's paper is published as a feature article in Lab on a Chip. (January 2013)

ETH Zürich is ranked 12th overall, and 8th in engineering, with a steady upward movement in the last decade.

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